Even after 400 years the world still doesn’t tire of this tale of woe…that of Juliet and her Romeo! You’re probably thinking, ‘Not again!’ but I can guarantee that Juliet, a New York Times bestseller written by Anne Fortier, is a real page turner. Although it is a work of fiction, many of the historic references are based on fact.
Evidence shows that the true Romeo and Juliet may have indeed existed in the Italian city of Siena, not Verona. In this story, protagonist Julie Jacobs, travels to Italy in search of her deceased mother’s lost treasure only to discover that she is a descendant and reincarnation of Juliet. However, when her arrival becomes known to some of the locals she finds herself in peril. This romantic thriller has all the elements of a great novel; mystery, intrigue as well as history and romance. Based in the present as well as the 14th century, you will find yourself travelling the streets of Siena with both our modern-day Julie and the historic Juliet. A fantastic read for the summer holidays. This novel may even entice you to book a trip to the ancient city!

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